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Buddhist monk meditating in Bodhgaya, India. Workshop about Buddhist Meditation with Mahametta Akedemie

The quest for enlightenment isn’t the only reason as to why to meditate, there are also scientific benefits of meditation.

Hand reading. Seminar about Intuition and Tarot in Maha Metta Akademie

Intuition is the "voice" of the divine spirit within us that manifests itself through our own minds. The highest part of our self "speaks" to us.

The Power of the Feminine Energy. Seminar with Maha Metta Akademie

Every man and woman carries two divine energies: the male and the female.
If both energies are balanced, we feel as a complete person.
Surmount one of the energies within us, we are outside the balanced energy state.

Intuition and psychic Development. Seminar by Maha Metta Akademie

Extrasensorial perception or ESP, also called the sixth sense, is a knowledge not recognized by the physical senses, but perceived with the mind.
The term refers to supernatural abilities such as telepathy.

How to find your life purpose and change your life. Workshop with Mahametta Akademie

It´s not so easy how to find your direction in life. We want to find our Inspiration, a purpose that’s bigger than us. A goal, something really to live for, our passions.

Mental Training with Hypnosis. Seminar by Maha Metta Akademie

A trained mind can achieve anything, while an untrained mind can not achieve much. The secret of successful self-hypnosis depends on how strong one really believes and what wants. It is not enough to simply imagine the result, but it is essential to feel it.

Psychic (ESP) Development. Seminar by Maha Metta Akademie

We will learn with practical exercises, to recognize our abilities and to enter into their power.

If we change our energy, our way of thinking and feeling, we have the choice to change our lives.
We have the ability and strength to choose how to deal with different situations and how they feel about it.

Each time you feel good, the spiritual energy flows into you. Make this your basic setting.

Know that time is an illusion of the physical world to which your mental world is largely not subjected to. Scientific experiments have shown that the mind does not know the difference between that which is experienced and that which is imagined.

Logo of Maha Metta Akademie. Created by Maya LoVen
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