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Prenatal Method


Based on the foot reflexology therapy, which originated in ancient China, I was noticed that when the line of the spine on the foot, is reflexively treated, it´s also related to pregnancy with the time when we were in the womb ourselves. 

The imprint of many life patterns begins in the womb. A newborn is born as a "blank white sheet of paper". Souls at the moment of conception often bring unsolved patterns of life and experiences from other incarnations that call for a learning and can also greatly affect present life.

All the experiences we have made in the womb, shape and makes our way of life. Stressful situations for mother and embryo are also found as stress zones on the foot according to the phase during pregnancy. This also works if we do not know anything about our pregnancy and our mother's situation.


Metamorphic / Prenatal Method

The prenatal method is a subtle, psychic treatment.

The goal is to solve old energy blockages that inhibit life settings.

The work is performed with light circular movements at the spinal points of the foot. It is also extended on the hands and on the head, where respective prenatal lines exist.

The incarnation or conception point is the moment from which the whole life emerges. Here is a very strong possibility for transformation.

We humans are beings with spirit, soul and body, which are interconnected and when we touch a body, we automatically touch the soul, mind, aura and subtle body of that person.


With this work, we leave the client to take self-responsibility of his way, and we support and accompany him/her.

Metamorphose / Prenatal Method treatment

Through careful, deliberate work, piece by piece on these incriminating points, the dissolution of blocked (chaotic) energy and associated inhibitory life patterns occurs.

This treatment leads to a metamorphosis (transformation) of the human and helps him/her out of old attitudes, inhibitions, blockages and allows him a livelier lifestyle.

An inner growth, and mental and physical well-being.

To whom it can be applied?

Optimal complement to psychotherapy, especially if there is a difficult relationship with the mother and / or have in a stressed pregnancy already inhibitory life patterns.


There are often flashbacks of your own start in life, and unknowingly it knocks on old life attitudes, which are coupled with family, children, happiness, birth trauma and are often burdened by the experiences of our mothers.

In principle, one can treat every person with the "prenatal method": children, adults and older people.

Please note:

In diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, smoker's legs or after accidents that have destroyed tissues, it can lead to undersupply of tissue due to reduced blood flow.

Prenatal Method treatments can be possible after an appointment in Munich or in Starnberg.

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