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Trance Healing

Trance Healing  is where the medium allows their spirit doctor or guide the use of their body in order to perform non- evasive procedures.

 To do this the medium connects first with your energy field and then becomes a clear channel for Spirit while going in a very deep level of trance in order for their spirit/guide to move freely into the body as an energy channel and can energize the vibrations that will put in movement the healing process. The next step is for the spirit guide to come closer and blend with the medium. This is when the energy starts to flow.

Maha Metta Akademie. Maya Lorenzo

Trance Healing is a method of spiritual energy flowing to you through the medium to initiate a process of physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

The Spirit Team of the Medium, who are in the spirit world, decides accordingly to the constitution of the person what healing impulse to send.


The medium attempts to create the very best connection with spirit they possibly can and the best way to achieve this is to go into a trance state, a state of extreme mental quiet and passivity. The idea is that the better the link with spirit the better the result we will get from the healing itself.
It can be that the spirit guide of the client is also involved in the healing process.

By sitting quietly and staying ‘out of the way’ of the healing forces, allows a deeper healing to occur.

Trance. Private sitting with Maya. Maha Metta Akademie

You will feel comfortable, and on occasions you might feel heat, cold, a tingling or a floating sensation, pressure or little pain coming to the surface. or you may not feel a thing. You do not have to feel anything in particular for the healing to be of benefit.

Healing is given through the hands of the Medium. The Medium might place their hands on your knees or shoulders or nowhere, and Spirit will know where to deliver the healing.  You will remain fully clothed and seated or lying down.

The Medium works with the spirit world to give you an endless flow of energy that will help you emotionally, spiritually, and physically and allows you to come closer to your true Self. Please, have an open mind so you can receive all of the healing benefits.

Clients have experienced many benefits from this type of healing, including a reduced need for pain medication, finding comfort and acceptance in times of grief, and recharging mentally and physically during stressful times

Absent healing

During absent healing you are in the comfort of your home or a quiet place that allows you to relax. The process is the same as in person. You simply schedule a time that works for both you and the medium. The medium contacts you at the beginning and end of the session by phone or Skype and the process starts as in direct contact, so the medium connects with your energy field, becomes a clear channel for Spirit, goes into trance, and connects with the spirit guide for healing. Energy flows between you even when you are not in the same physical location.

All remote sessions must be prepaid at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

Absent  healing, without the medium having to be present, have the same energizing effect.

For whom?:

This therapy is suitable for all ages and all conditions. Any child under the age of 16 must have a responsible adult accompanying them and stay in the room for the treatment. They actually also receive a treatment simply by being in the room.

Trance Healing sessions are available by appointment in Munich, in Starnberg or by Skype

Important notice:

1. The medium can not provide a guarantee for a successful session.
2. The Trance Healing should never be treated as a substitute for medical treatment or medication. It can be highly beneficial as a complement to conventional medical treatments.
3. The medium does not diagnose diseases or conditions or will suggest any change in medication. Treatment is not a diagnosis of physical or mental suffering.
4. This is not for you to see it as a cure and should first seek medical advice from your doctor.
5. After the session it is absolutely necessary to continue taking medicament prescribed by a doctor and any other medical treatment.
6. It will not cause damage or disruption of any medications you are taking, can only help, it never damages.
7. Again, the results can not be guaranteed, just hoped for.

Logo of Maha Metta Akademie. Created by Maya LoVen
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