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Spiritual Travels

Pyramids in Bosnia. Radiation of energy in Pyramid of the Sun. Spiritual Traveils with Maha Metta and Geoviva

The largest and oldest pyramid complex of the earth with an associated wide-ranging system of tunnels located in Bosnia, only a few kilometers from Sarajevo.
The fact is that this region of Visoko has physically measurable phenomena, such as special electromagnetic fields, and negative ion and oxygen concentrations, which are unique and inexplicable. These aspects and the many health beneficial effects, leave the valley of the so-called "Bosnian pyramids", as one of the largest
(healing?) secrets of mankind.

Chindambaram, India. Spiritual travels with Mahametta Akademie

India is a country that can´t leave you neutral. Either you love it, or you hate it. But the enormous variety of everything can keep you busy a whole lifetime. We will only dedicate time to some spiritual special places to take a small taste of them, like Varanasi to explore Hinduism, Bodhgaya for Buddhism, Vaitheeswarankoil for the Palm Leaf Libraries, and Auroville for the spiritual uniqueness with which they live there.

Lanzarote Island. Shamanic Retreat with Maha Metta Akademie and Geoviva in December

Lanzarote has a magic in the spectacular volcanic landscapes, that belongs to distant worlds and where even the heat from inside the earth floats to the surface and wants to be discovered.

We enjoy and take advantage of this intense time day and night in volcanoes, caves, deserted beaches and many beautiful, mysterious power places of the Isla Mística. During the day you will find peace and time for yourself to get ready for the high-energy fire ceremony at night.

Caves in Menorca for Meditation. Psychic Development with Maha Metta Akademie

The most extraordinary possession of the island are the "Poblados Talayéticos", the Talayotic villages, which still contain a secret. They could indeed represent a sort of 'heavenly map', endowed with a metaphysical and vital feature (as it is also said of Stonehenge or the ancient Egyptian monuments).

Unique and intensive program in which all participants nourish their souls through learning and continuous practices to develop oneself with all our work energies and development of ESP (extrasensory perception), not only to darken the tan but also we will use this relaxing, secluded and beautiful natural environment to let our most spiritual being to surface.

Arqueological site of Chichen Itza, Mexico. Mahametta Travels

When we think of Mexico, the first thing that comes to mind is the pyramids and the different cultures in that beautiful and large country.
Here it was where the Mesoamerican culture settled its largest population center, making it the cradle of the Mayan Empire and one of the countries that has the largest number of ruins, excavations and archaeological sites.

Not only we will be  interested in such places, but also in the Caribbean beaches.

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