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Seminars and Workshops

​​Psychic (ESP) development

(Only 1 Weekend )

Psychic and intuitive abilities, like the ability to give spiritual healing, are the birthright of everyone on Earth. These abilities are latent within us all, and intuition and psychic development can occur through spiritual practices.

Psychic development. Telekinesis. Seminar in Maha Metta Academy

We will learn in practical exercises, to recognize the abilities and to enter into their power.

They can be used in all personal and professional areas of life and can work for us there.

We will learn how to raise our consciousness and connect with our higher self or soul, through:


-   Meditation
-   Opening and developing our chakras. Connecting to the body’s energy system
-   Discovering your magical workplace
-   Learn about aura colors and their meanings
-   Psychic diagnosis (a health scan)
-   Meet your life and protector guides

And to discover your Psychic Powers we will work with:


Precognition, Retrocognition, Psychokinesis (Telekinesis), Psychometry, Spiritual (Psychic) Healing, Telepathy, Remote Viewing (Clairvoyance),  Chakra Meditation, Intuition, Dowsing (Radiesthesia), Aura Readings, Dreams, Meditations. 

In a deep altered state of consciousness, you’ll learn to induce self-hypnosis to use at any time all on your own to check out psychic potentials.

Logo of Maha Metta Akademie. Created by Maya LoVen


Zeit ist eine Illusion der physischen Welt, der Ihre mentale Welt größtenteils nicht ausgesetzt ist. Wissenschaftliche Experimente haben gezeigt, dass der Geist den Unterschied zwischen dem Erlebten und der Vorstellung davon nicht kennt.

Die Quantenbeobachtung führt dazu, dass alle möglichen Realitäten zu einer beobachteten Realität zusammenfallen.

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