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​​The  Power  of  the  Mind

A trained mind can accomplish anything, while an untrained mind can accomplish very little. But in all esoteric traditions we have a lot of thought to mind-training that can help people get the most out of using their mind-power.

Mental Training with Hypnosis in Maha Metta Academy

The secret of successfully getting what you want, depends on how much you really believe and really want to have your desired outcome. The greatest is the expected benefit, the strongest is our desire. Desire is the creative power that must be channelled and directed wisely. Desire and its fulfillment takes place in your own mind.

It is not enough to just imagine it, but you must feel the reality of it, with all of your senses. You must first be able to feel it and then learn how to generate it and how to project it, with your mind. Your thoughts and feelings make your destiny.

You are that, what you feel yourself to be.

We don´t get what we want in life, we get what we are. We have to build the equivalent into our minds for that which we want, because prosperity is first in our minds.

Meditation practice, self-hypnosis and other tools are incredibly beneficial to build depth in one´s capacity for attention and awareness.


You can use the power of your mind to:

-        create desired changes in your body
-        gain insight
-        gain new learnings and wisdom
-        help heal yourself and others
-        help yourself for depression and anxiety
-        immunize against stress
-        promote good mental health
-        help increase relaxation, self-esteem, self-confidence, decision-making, goal setting, self-belief and problem solving
-        countering anxiety, resentments & delusions, allowing the past to dictate the future
-        extinguish unproductive habits, behaviors & addictions
-        improve mental focus & performance to enhance the quality of your life (relationships, business, sports, school)
-        develop the ability to align your thinking & behaviors for long-term planning for success, fulfillment & happiness

-      develop your intuition and increase your ESP Powers (Extra Sensorial Perception)

Focus on positive pictures of yourself and positive memories. By using active visualisation we increase the ability to put our thoughts into perspective and to see them as just part of our minds at work.

Buddha. Mental Training with Hypnosis in Maha Metta Academy

In order for you to receive, you must give first to your mind.

​Not to become, what you want, is a mental attitude.

Let's rewire our brains.

It is a guided experience of state change. A life-changing experience.

The workshop to create miracles

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