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​​Time  Travel

Time travel is possible and it’s achievable both “physically” and “mentally.”

You time travel each moment you are alive. By being alive and living in the now, you feel the flow of change from one moment to the next.

Time travel

Know that time is an illusion of the physical world to which your mental world is largely not subjected to. In the realm of your imagination you can travel anywhere you want, backwards and forwards in time, without any obstacle.

Scientific experiments have shown that the mind does not know the difference between that which is experienced and that which is imagined.

How do we Time Travel?

Time travel using wormholes is scientifically possible. If you can find or create a wormhole and travel through it you may end up somewhere else in this universe, in another universe, or travel into the past or future. The wormhole can exist anytime from the moment of creation. The trick is to create a stable wormhole that does not collapse.

In theory, if you were traveling exactly at the speed of light, time would stop for you completely. Moreover, if you would be traveling faster than light, you would be traveling backward in time!

Spiral in the Universe. Time Travel seminar

However, these speculations are only related to a time travel conducted in a physical sense, like a physical travel through space.

There could also be another way of traveling through time – using consciousness only, by connecting with the universal energy field. When you connect with this energy you can guide your imagination anywhere in the past, present or future. 

You could observe yourself as a younger version of yourself with the wisdom of an older you knowing which decisions to avoid because of past experiences.  Your timeline would change so you cannot normally return to the same universe. The ‘you’ that travels back and inhabits your younger body would now be living in a different universe.

Quantum observation causes all possible realities to collapse into one observed reality. Even the mere act of observing enacts some influence to the past event. The potential outcomes remain until your actions cause them to collapse into what you observe.


We act on guidance and advice from our future or parallel selves.

Time Traveling to Heal Your Past

Through deep meditative techniques, and through hypnosis as well, you can travel back into your past and heal things. You can go back to really difficult times in your past and comfort yourself as you’re experiencing something depressing or traumatic, and that process is extremely healing and empowering.

You may relive events from past or parallel lifetimes and decide that changing the past is not a wise thing to do.

Your past experiences have no power over you, other than the power you grant them. In a very short period of time, you will find that while the specific experience may still exist in your recollection, there is no emotion attached to it, you are stronger because of it and you are free of its influence. Know that by Universal Law you can not attract the same negative experience into your life once you have positively changed the belief that originally attracted it. When the lesson is learnt, the experience is neutralized.

Time Traveling to View and/or Create Your Future

Through the same deep meditative and hypnotic techniques, you can take a look at your future. Because what you do in the present affects your future, you can also create your future and/or work to affect a new outcome. This is not a visualization, it´s more powerful because your brain waves are in that mode they get into when you meditate or are under hypnosis. Visiting the future would help inform you about the present and also perhaps indicate optimal courses of action for a desirable future to happen.

The only limits are the ones we create and believe in.

Quantum theory and timelines

We are not some passive experiencers of reality, we are actively choosing our reality ahead and making it real. Still, all those possible lines of time are real, we could say, as “potential realities.”

Different people may have different past or future timelines! Each of these timelines is fully real to every person involved in it. Therefore, they can remember completely different events of the same time span, yet they can still be in the same “present universe,” where their timelines merge or temporarily intersect.


Their future timelines can also be very different.

People are often inter-connected in their lifetimes because of their corresponding personality traits and lessons to be learned from each other.

But all are our misperceptions or unawareness of various layers of Reality. We think we are something else than we truly are.

The outer world is a projection of our inner universe.


​The main result of such an extensive inner work can be one’s spiritual growth or enlightenment, while time travel and other extraordinary abilities can only be side-effects.

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