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Hand reading. Tarot cards. Intuition. Private sittings with Maya. Also by Skype

Medium, Channeling, Tarot Card Reading, Clairvoyance, Trance Healing


All communication and healing from spirit is channelled.
Clairvoyance is a lighter state than in mediumship. The spirit does not enter as deeply into the physical body as they do in a trance mediumship.
With the medium, the entire spiritual energy is there but shares its place with a different spirit, which proceeds to deliver its messages. When the spirit completely enters the physical body of the medium/channel, this is deep trance.
Trance is an altered state of awareness and is one of the ways of forming a link with the Spirit World.

For Mental Mediumship some mediums hear, some see and some feel spirit, though many do a mixture of all three.

With clairvoyants no a different spirit enters and there is no space left available for occupation by a different spirit. It is their own spirit which tries to see and hear.

A medium works with Spirit, therefore their information is being relayed from the spiritual plane.
A psychic works with the auric field and energy of the physical plane.

Different layers of communication are required for different work.

What kind  of reading should I have?

That depends on what you need. If you are seeking some general information about what is going on in your life at the moment then have a psychic reading (clairvoyant) or tarot card reading. Both can give insight into current events.
But if you are looking for deeper insight and guidance from spirit about your path, issues in your life, or past traumas, on your spiritual, mediumnistic or psychic development then visit a trance medium.

Mediumship. Private sittings with Maya. Also with Skype. Maha Metta Akademie

Trance is an altered state of awareness and is one of the ways of forming a link with the Spirit World. With the deep-trance medium,  the medium's spirit shares its place with another spirit, which proceeds to deliver its messages.

Tarot Cards Reading. Private sittings also by Skype. Maya

Tarot is a tool for meditation.
When one looks up the Tarot, it is not the cards to be read:  is the own life. The symbols show the basic experiences, ourselves, our passions, our unconscious desires, to turn it in understanding, in consciousness. Is a way of self-knowledge that shows us the journey in which we are..

Actually it translates to ‘clear seeing’.
It is seeing things that aren’t physically apparent to others. The people working with their clairvoyant ability will be able to see images of people, places or things in their minds´ eye to be able to describe it to you during a reading.

Trance Healing  is where the medium allows their spirit doctor or guide the use of their body in order to perform non- evasive procedures.  To do this the medium connects first with your energy field and then becomes a clear channel for Spirit while going in a very deep level of trance in order for their spirit/guide to move freely into the body as an energy channel and can energize the vibrations that will put in movement the healing process. The next step is for the spirit guide to come closer and blend with the medium. This is when the energy starts to flow.

Metamorphic / Prenatal treatment

The prenatal method is a subtle, psychic treatment.

The goal is to solve old energy blockages that inhibit life settings.

The work is performed with light circular movements at the spinal points of the foot. It is also extended on the hands and on the head, where respective prenatal lines exist.

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