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Mediumship / Channeling

Trance is an altered state of awareness and is one of the ways of forming a link with the Spirit World. With the deep-trance medium, the medium´s Spirit shares its place with another spirit, which proceeds to deliver its messages.

The channel or trance medium and spiritual advisor to your life's questions will help you find answers in the following topics:

- Personal problem situations
- Personal strengths
- Discussion and finding solutions in life crises
- Relationships: marriage, partnership, children, family
- Decisions to be taken
- Professional questions
- Spirituality
- Body, mind and soul come back in the middle. It takes place a healing process

Medium. Private session with Maya Maha Metta

Can I ask Spirit about my future?

It is not for spirit to tell you anything about your future, because it is for you to make it.
He/she can discuss future direction but not time and dates for things to occur.

Can I ask a question about someone else?

But the answer will depend whether or not answering it would breach their free will.
Remember that the future is not relatively set so the answer may not be available.

Can I communicate with a deceased person?

Most of the time people want to have a specific deceased person in mind that they’d like to connect with.  No medium in the world can guarantee that a specific spirit will come through during a reading.  Maybe the Spirit coming may not be who you were wanting or expecting.  
Some spirits do not have the energy to come through. Stronger energies usually come through first.

For reasons of their own, many spirits simply choose not to communicate with the ones left behind on earth.  Sometimes spirits have totally disconnected with their earthly lives and are not interested in returning, even for a few minutes.  Some spirits do hang around and are eager to communicate.  
Sometimes a deceased person will come through and you don’t even know who they are, but you are in direct contact with someone they desperately want to get a message to.

What If No One Comes Through?

It doesn’t mean your loved ones are lost, it doesn’t mean they’re in Hell, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you anymore.  

Are you always home when someone comes for a visit without previous notice?  

However, if your sole reason for signing up for a reading is to reach a specific deceased person, you may be wasting your time and money, because there’s no guarantee of contact.  The psychic readings (by the same medium) are often more helpful than connecting with the other side.  You get information about the path ahead of you, and usually help people get back to living a life on purpose.  Spirit guides are easier to connect with because they are way more skilled at connecting than a deceased person.  So, if no deceased people come through during your reading, don´t freak out, talk to your guides instead.

What if the information given doesn´t make sense?

It can be for several possible reasons:

1.    When having a reading you need to be open to communication and guidance, otherwise you can block the person trying to give you the reading and hence get nothing. You were not open to the process.
2.    Some of the information may make sense at a later date. You can record a session so you can listen to it again. Sometime after the session your memory will help you to know who or what was meant during the reading and the message will then make sense.
3.    The person giving the reading was having a bad day (it can happen).

4.    In case nobody comes and you are not happy with the result, the money will be refunded.

Physical harm can be done when a deep trance medium is touched. Please, do not touch the Medium while she is working at that level of trance mediumship.

Mediumship sessions are available by appointment in Munich, in Starnberg or by Skype

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Medium in Guatemala. Private sessions with Maya. Maha Metta Akademie
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