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Based  in  the  True  Story  of  a  Metanoia

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During a meditation on a 21-day retreat, one may receive many instructions.


In one of those retreats, in Christmas 2013, I asked the Universe for a series of things I wanted in my life, and asked what He wanted me to do. Then He told me to write a book about my memories, only up to the first year in India.


I wrote it, and everything I asked for, He granted me I wrote it, and then I self-published it.

What I don't know is why or what for I had to write it. I'll find out one day.




Martha didn´t like her life and decided to follow her heart, instead of what everybody told her to.

She learnt through hard lessons that she can become and do in her life what she wants to, opposing what it was supposed to be for her. She had a friend who advised her and helped her to go on and face all the obstacles she might find in her way, making her stronger in each step in life she gave.


Her friend always insisted that whatever psychic power might show up in ourselves is not something that belongs to only one person but to everybody, because it is a part of our nature. The only difference is how much we believe in them and our self-confidence


And she started the great adventure of her travels, first to the countries nearby her, but then to Mexico and India, where she really started to learn how to deal with situations she would not encounter just sitting in a couch.

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