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​​Retreat to discover and boost our Psychic Abilities in
The Mysterious and Magic Island:



Cala Mitjana. Menorca. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta

It is perhaps the most primal and authentic of the Balearic Islands, the fact that it has been for a long time dominated by the English, gives it a peculiar "Masonic" flavor.

The differential heritage of the island are the Talayotic settlements, which keep the mystery, since there is no certainty about their origin and function, apart from being possible initiatory centers and can also be a kind of "celestial map", equipped with a metaphysical and vital significance (as would happen at Stonehenge, or the monuments of ancient Egypt).

The remains analysed make it believed that the Talayotic culture existed towards the second millennium B.C. and it is very likely to have been inhabited by human groups dedicated to livestock and agriculture.

And so we have:

Pedrera's D'Hostal. Menorca. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta
Hypogeum in Menorca. Graveyard home where we meditate. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta

El Hipogeo (The Hypogeum): artificial caves dug in the ground, made in the first half of the year 2000 BC for collective burials and later used as warehouses .

The Talayot:  a construction in a truncated cone shape, with inner cavity.

Talayot in Menorca. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta

The Taula: a polished and carved stone, large, fixed on the floor and closed on the other side transversely so that it resembles a large altar. Located in a strategic area seems designed for the solar and lunar light to fall on it, profusely, being the Taula the catalyst for experiences full of "initiatory" meaning and spiritual content behind many of its prehistoric monuments element, and surely rituals were practiced here dedicated to fire, air, water and earth-mother.
They used to be surrounded by an enclosure with twelve stone pillars and have connection with the Egyptian and Punic worlds: talayots and navetas seem very similar to the pyramids and may have acted also as astronomical observatories.

The Taula in Menorca, which was held for spiritual rituals. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta

The caves, many endowed with their respective taulas, as a kind of "primitive cross" which expresses the union between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the material, have their oriented daylight entries, marking the way to those souls who have been reborn after passing the tests of the underworld.

It is said that the walls of the Talayotic village of Son Castlar was built by the mythical "race of giants" who inhabited this land before the Flood. The Menorcan people believed that race carried out sacrifices to the gods in their taulas. But perhaps it was not a kind of individuals of great physical size but highly intellectual people who possessed of a superior, metaphysical and initiatory knowledge, which is already inaccessible to the "dwarfs" of the present.

Portico where fire rituals were made, Menorca. Spiral Travels with Maha Metta. Psychic development

The "hypostyles"(salas hipóstilas) : It is supported by columns, as is the space in the form of a semicircle, which houses the Taula.
Here rituals were held, which were related to the fire, the wine and the sacrificial lambs. And here, inside the sanctuary, there is also a mysterious opening from where you can dive into the interior of the earth and where reptiles of every kind exist.

It is as if we were entering the abysses of our subconscious. Would be a sort of "chamber of reflection" to be used in the initiation rituals of priests or shamans of the village with its subsequent "coming forth to the light", having been reborn after passing the tests ritual symbolizing death.

The shuttles (navetas):  symbolize the ship of the dead, which flows through the underworld.



The talayots should have been observatories and the taulas, with its sacred precinct and the pillars around her, they represent the "center or navel of the cosmos" and revolves around the Sun and the entire universe.

The Navetas in Menorca symbolizes the ship of the dead. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta

The Spiral, omnipresent in Menorca, will help us to further strengthen our re-discovered qualities.

Spiral of life. Symbol for meditation. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta in Menorca for Psychic Development
Cala Macarelleta in Menorca. Enjoy the beach in our break from the Psychic Development Seminar. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta

And to help us keep the state of inner peace that is needed to reduce our brainwaves to reach the Theta or Delta states, we will spend peaceful times in paradisiacal beaches with wonderful views and clear waters that make us believe we are in the Caribbean, thanks to Menorca being declared Biosphere Reserve.

Services of the travel:

7 nights in double or single room in a very well located Finca
Delicious vegetarian / vegan food

All local transfers (airport, day and night excursions, ...)

The finca is situated in a secluded location of 5000 m²

Starts: First day - 16.00

End: Last day about 12:00

Max. 8 participants: Worth booking early

Price: from € 1,099 P.P. in a double / single room surcharge, plus travel costs itself

Sunset in Menorca. Pychic Development Seminar. Spiritual Travel with Maha Metta Academy

Unique and intensive program in which all participants nourish their souls through learning and continuous practices to develop oneself with all our work energies and development of ESP (extrasensory perception), not only to darken the tan but also we will use this relaxing, secluded and beautiful natural environment to let our most spiritual being to surface.

For more information about this travel, have a look into the section of Intuition and ESP Development

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