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Seminars and Workshops

​​Spiritual  Energy Work

We are a huge bunch of energy, but we don´t really use even a quarter of it. Just because we don´t know our potential.

We can define “Energy Work” as many different things, but in this case we are meaning to work with our energy to make it grow and use it with beneficial purposes.

Spiritual energy work. Seminar in Maha Metta Academy

To open ourselves to what comes our way while remaining healthy and radiant, to use our intention to be a receiver-transmitter for higher energies from Creation, to use our awareness to take in subtle energies from Nature, God/Source, and The Universe, and radiate them back out.  The more we radiate and vibrate, the more we can take in and the more we take in, the more we can send out.  The more we are able to radiate and to have positive vibrations, the more relaxed we are.  The more relaxed we are, the more we can feel and notice.

Most of the unhappiness experienced in a person’s life is due to the nature of his or her mind. The mind is the source of both the happiness and unhappiness in a person’s life and is a part of the ego of the person.

We have old "programming" like for example by our parents and our environment, which have a fundamental impact on our health, our behaviours, relationships and attitudes.

We therefore created not only our happiness or unhappiness itself, but also made our reality, both positively and negatively.

But we can change our lives by changing our energy, our way of thinking, our way of feeling.

And for all this to be possible, we have to, first of all, wanting to change. You can’t expect changes or any different results in your life unless you learn new, better ways to do things – and the ways you think and feel. You have the power to choose how to deal with the different situations and how to feel about everything.

And then, raise your vibration. Increase your levels of love, enthusiasm, joy, purpose, creativity, trust and positive attitudes. Feel good and be happy even in the face of unpleasant moments.

Your thoughts and emotions will raise your vibration and then, your physical reality will quickly start to change as well.

Any time you feel good, the spiritual energy is flowing freely in you. Make this your default mode. Bring more spiritual energy into your life – the energy that never, ever runs out and never costs a thing.

We will work with emotional energy, to learn how to magnify a positive emotional state with a powerful intensity and project it outside the limits of our physical body.

Either you are in control of your emotions or they are in control of you. You can't always control what happens in life, but of how you react to it.

We will learn to harness our emotional/mental responses in any situation and to discover how to turn any thought/emotion into a powerful tool to help you easily create what you desire in your life.

If you do not have control of thoughts and visual imagery, your intuition becomes distorted, your ability to heal others and spiritually manifest what you want becomes limited and this always will be a limitation in your goals.

This can occur on an emotional level, but also on a spiritual level. Your ability to manifest the right people and resources to make your dreams come true will remain blocked.

Working with energy is also a critical step if you want to increase your intuition and spiritual-based abilities.

And in this seminar, we will work with this by:

-  Feeling energies
-  Visualization
-  Observing our specific energy patterns
-  Healing our chakras to make the energy to flow freely
-  Raising energies. Changing our vibrations
-  Grounding
-  Shielding
-  Chakra activation and cycling astral energy through your body
-  Radiating. Staying open to energy
-  Seeing auras

Next seminar (in English):


To determinate


​​Visoko (Pyramids), Bosnia


​​899€    or    626€


* Accommodation with breakfast 

* Entrance in the Tunnels of the Pyramid of the Sun
* Picking up from the airport and bringing back there the last day
* Transport to the different energetic places
* Whole program



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