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The interdimensional portal of Pallallaque

During my cactus San Pedro session in Pisac with Sampi, San Pedro became Jesus at a certain moment when I was remembering my childhood laying down under the trees talking with Jesus, who was my invisible friend and only I could see. In that time He was my age but now He came to me with the voice of a mature person.

He asked me if I remembered those days when we spent so many hours talking, and he did help me along my childhood to overcome my life´s drama (my family life) and he told me what will happen in my near future or even as an adult, which all (except one of them, which I´m still waiting for) came to be true. For example, He told me one year even my father knew about it, that the whole family will move to live far away from our own country.

So, here was Jesus-San Pedro talking to me again. And as I said in my previous post, when one has taken San Pedro, afterwards one can´t say what was said first or later. One remembers what happened and what has been said, but not what was said first.

I´m not sure He told me this after I asked him to do a miracle or after He told me about messages I have to give to 3 men I know, as part of those messages were about opening interdimensional portals.

The thing is, that a couple of months before I flew to Peru, an Argentinian friend of mine who loves travelling to Peru every now and then, told me of Apu Pallallaque, as an "interestelar" portal to another dimension she was taken to visit one year before.

I searched for it on the internet and found some videos about the mysterious things which are going on there but I couldn´t find any information about where it is, other than near Huancane, but there are several places with that name in Peru, so I declined to go there.

And now Jesus told me to go there, because a portal “has to be open for me”. As I complained to him that I had no idea of where it is or how to go there, he said "don't worry, you will meet a man when you will be on the bus, who will bring you there". "Eh? Which bus? Going where?" And he replied "don't worry, everything is already synchronized, so that it will happen".

I sighed... How?

As usual in these cases, leave the arrangement to the Universe.

The only thing I knew, is that the portal might be in the Cerro Pallallaque, in Huancane, northern part of the Titicaca lake, maybe… as I saw a couple of Huancane more in other places in Peru.

I had a ticket to go to the Island of Taquile (3 hours boat drive North of Puno. Huancane is North of Taquile) and a reservation to sleep there two nights later. I thought maybe I can get a boat next day in the early morning from Taquile, towards Huancane.

When I arrived in Taquile I asked for the timetable of the boats. The locals laughed openly: the first boat is at 12pm, and only direction Puno which takes 3 hours, because to drive to Huancane would be like 8 hours. No way... I had to be that night in Huancane, otherwise, I have no enough time because I have bookings in other places for later.

I said to Jesus "if it's true that everything is synchronized, it has to be other way. Please, show me".

In a way I was not desperate, for once, because Jesus told me everything is synchronized, and in another hand, if it's not possible.... Yupiiii... I don't have to go through all the hassle to find it.

Boat driving from Taquile island to Llachón in the Titicaca Lake
I rented a boat for mysefl, to take me from the island of Taquile to Llachon

When I arrived at my hotel in Taquile, I asked the owner. He said he knows someone who would drive with a boat to the side towards the peninsula, to Llachon, only one hour drive and more near Huancane, and as I will be the only passenger, we can leave when I want.

So, first obstacle solved 😅… thanks, Jesus.

When after few hours travelling and getting into different buses (colectivos) I arrived in Huancane, I asked around for the Cerro (Apu) Pallallaque but nobody heard of it before. I texted my Argentinian friend (who told me about the portal) and the only thing she found was something where it says the name of a little town near by.

Since Jesus told me, I expected any man to approach me and tell me. But after about 8 colectivos (mini-buses / mini-van) that I took ever since, no one came forward.

In Huancane I asked also for the interdimensional or interestelar portal, as nobody knew the Cerro Pallallaque, but nobody heard of it either. Then I started asking for that little town my friend showed me and someone then said "ah, maybe you want to go to the Sanctuary" and I don't know why, I said yes, even though in my head was “no, I don´t want any Sanctuary, I´m looking for an interdimensional portal”.

Finally, I took a bus (colectivo) going direction the Sanctuary. I asked the guy sitting next to me if he knew where the "Cerro Pallallaque" is. He said “it's near Bolivia, 2 hours drive from here and there is no really a road” 😱

I thought "ok, then, if it doesn't have to be, will not be, because it´s already 3pm and I can´t stay here another day because I have reservations of buses and hotels in other places. I will just go to the Sanctuary, whatever that is”.

Still, I looked for Pallallaque on the internet of my mobile (the portal is said to be in the hills of Pallallaque) and it came that it's near Puno (where I was 2 days before). As I was talking with the man next to me about it, another man came into the bus and sat behind us.

As he heard us, he said "no señor, there is another Pallallaque near here, but since the Christ appeared, we changed the name and now is known as the Sanctuary, but it's Pallallaque".

I couldn't believe what I heard. I asked for more details, and he told me that a face of Jesus appeared 19 years ago and hundreds of people go there every day for miracles. I asked him if any interdimensional portal was there, and he said no, but again, I didn´t desperate.

I showed him one video on the internet, and he said “ah, yes, that is the Compuerta. That is near the Sanctuary”.

That´s why nobody knew about the portal, because they call it Compuerta.

Coming close to the stop of the Sanctuary, this man showed me where the portal was (it´s visible from the road) and he even got down at the Sanctuary with me (he was travelling to the town, not here) just to guide me and show me where the things are. And "coincidentally" his wife sells flowers and candles there, so I bought her some of it as a thank you and to do offerings there.

If you look at the picture of "the Christ", it could be just a man, but in the moment they decided he is Jesus and started the peregrinations to this place, miracles happen and hundreds of people has been healed... Because it doesn't matter if that is Jesus or not, it's their faith which heals them 😉

I have to say, when I saw that face I understood why Jesus sent me to the portal (500 mts far from here). Not that much for the portal itself, but as a peregrination to Him, so that I can ask for what I asked, there.

I understood that He made me go there to visit Him “personally” even though He is everywhere, but in the form of such a peregrination, showing me that what He told me, is always true (as He told me that I will find it because a man I will meet on the bus will guide me, and making it possible to get a boat out of the Island of Taquile). So then, why should I doubt if the other things He told me during the San Pedro are true or not?.

I did the offerings and the inquiries under the image of that Jesus and around, and when the night came in, I went to the Portal, which is 10 minutes walk from there.

I did in the Portal also offerings with flowers, incense and candles and I prepared the place where I will spend few hours sitting meditating. After one hour I thought in sleeping and I lay down, but after another 15 minutes I decided sit up and continue meditating.

Whatever happened, it was at the beginning, not the rest of the night. Nothing amazing came over or no any “extraterrestrial being” came for a visit and no any door opening and swallowing me, as one can hear in those videos of YouTube. I did hear a couple of times strange sounds, but it could be anything. But what happened was during my meditation, as for me that portal had nothing to do with any extraterrestial being, but with Jesus, as He is the one who sent me there. So, I reminded Him that He sent me there because “a portal has to be open for me there” and asked Him to be in charge. And He did.

I can´t tell if that was an astral travel, because in such travels, somehow, you can control a bit of where you want to go or see, or if it was a vision, when something is shown to you, and you can´t do anything about it. But the thing is that I was shown nothing. I was taken to a portal, which got opened and an intense light came in. I wanted to see what was behind that portal and then suddenly, very fast, I was moved to a different portal. Which was then also opened and again an intense light came in. I stepped forward to cross that portal and again, suddenly and very fast, I was moved to a different portal, of different “material”. Again the portal got opened… and it went on and on till, I don´t know, it could be 7 different portals. And then in that last one, when again I tried to cross over and asked, a bit upset, if it could be possible that I see what is behind those doors… everything stopped.

The rest of the night was a good meditation sometimes, and sometimes not that good. But nothing else happened other than a strong feeling of freedom. A feeling that, even though I didn´t manage to cross over any of those portals, as if I did it.

But also important was the fact that Jesus showed me that what He tells me is true and happens (as it always happened when He said things to me as a child) and therefore, the rest of what he told me during the session of San Pedro will be.

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