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  • May MahaMetta

A real San Pedro experience in Pisac

After my experiences with the ayahuasca and the San Pedro in Iquitos and Padre Cocha, I flew back to Lima from where I went to Nasca and from there to Cusco, all by bus.

A friend of mine would come around 2 weeks later to travel with me in the area of Cusco and I wanted to stay first in Cusco for few days to get used to the altitude before heading to the Titicaca Lake. I didn´t want to visit any archaeological site in those days because one has to buy a touristic ticket valid for only 10 days, and I would not be able to visit everything in just 3 days and by the time I would be back to Cusco to meet my friend, the ticket will be then no valid. So, I walked around Cusco to see if I could find something interesting to do those 3 days there.

Walking in the streets, inside a little “shopping hall”, a poster was written: “we do ceremonies of ayahuasca and San Pedro”. I didn´t want to try again ayahuasca, especially after my very last experience, and with San Pedro… well, the thing is that when I told Melanie of my experience in Iquitos, she said it went like that because I didn´t have the proper conditions. So, I thought I would ask for the price and who knows.

I asked the woman and she didn´t convince me, but funny enough, some hours later by chance I ended up there again (I didn´t realize it was the same place where I already asked before) and the man told me that it is a friend of his, Sampi, who is doing it. He doesn´t live in Cusco but we could phone him and ask. By “coincidence” (as coincidences don´t exist) he was in that moment in Cusco, and even more, he was eating in the street next to us. So, he came to meet me, I told him of my experience with San Pedro and ayahuasca in Iquitos, and we agreed in doing it 2 days later in Pisac, where he lives, which is 45 minutes far away from Cusco. When I did it in Iquitos, I had no idea of what San Pedro was about, but now I know.


We met at 8:30 am and we went to another place 15 minutes away from Pisac with a colectivo (a mini-bus where people travel to different places). We walked into the forest and sat down next to the river. He gave me the glass while telling me that he prepared it the night before really conscious of what I told him of my experience in Iquitos and he didn´t want that to happen to me again, so he made it specially strong, around 3 times stronger than a normal dose (not of quantity, but in strength.

We talked about different things, including his life, and around 45 minutes later I already felt it kicking in, no 5 hours like in Iquitos. I lay down and the whole thing started. I can´t say what was first or second or at the end, because after the session everything got mixed and my mind can´t separate what happened when.

As with ayahuasca, at the beginning everything were psychedelic colours and forms and a bit childish without any real meaning for my conscious mind, but I let it be, because if it is as with ayahuasca, it will come the moment when the “serious” part comes. And so it was, but I can´t tell when that happened, if one hour later or two.

Along the whole time we were there, I would have had around 10-15 different processes or moments with different information. I will not tell much about what he told me because it is personal, but only a bit of it.

At the beginning I used to call him “San Pedro”, but at a certain moment I opened my eyes and I saw the trees which where over my head getting moved by the wind and I heard the leaves, the birds singing and the running water of the river, as all the senses are in that moment, when you pay attention to it, specially strong. And I remembered when I was a child and used to run away from my family because of all the beating up and sat or lay down on the grass of the meadows near by home and just observed and listened to the quiet of the nature… finally quiet after so much shouting and aggression back home. And as a lonely child, I used to have an invisible friend who nobody could see but only me, and we had great and very deep conversations.

That child was Jesus, but not as an adult because for me all the adults were idiots, but as a child like me, but full of wisdom who saved my life several times, when I tried to kill myself because I couldn´t handle my life with that family anymore. So, in those moments lying down under the trees during the San Pedro, I had a “Deja vu” when I saw myself lying down as a child under the trees feeling happy of being away from my family. And this time, Jesus as an adult, talked to me and said “do you remember? What great times we had together! Do you remember our conversations? The things I told you that came to be true?... Why then, if I tell you something now, it should not be true also?”.

From that moment on, I called San Pedro “Jesus”, which it doens´t matter the name, because at the end of the day, they are the same… we are the same.

I felt deep love towards myself as a child and tears started falling down my cheeks. I looked to the side and there I saw my parents arguing for whatever reason, as they used to argue everyday for anything. And as an adult I understood that we are all ignorant and that´s why we make mistakes over and over again, but in that moment that I looked at my parents arguing, I didn´t see them as a couple arguing, but as two individuals with fears and apprehensions, with frustrations and blockages, who didn´t know how to move on with their lives because they did what it was expected of them to do, to get married and have children, and they didn´t do what they really wanted to do in life, and the only way they had to face all of that, was by arguing, even if it didn´t make sense, but they didn´t know other way.

And I felt a very deep love and forgiveness towards them, understanding in a very deep level what happened to them when I was a child. So far till this point, I had an understanding, but it was now when that understanding was really felt in my heart. And my tears got bigger, but not of sadness, but of real love, as I never felt before for them.

It was the point when I said “right, San Pedro is really to open the heart chakra as Alan in Iquitos told me, that is true” (just, the San Pedro they gave me was not made properly). And I looked at Sampi, who was a bit apart but not too far, just to check on me, and I felt a deep love for him as I saw him like a loving child.

San Pedro said “it was necessary for you to suffer in your family, so that you will search for peace and love in nature and in spirituality, to get a strong connection with them, because it was necessary to be like that for you”. When Sampi decided to start ending the session few hours later, he came closer to me and started talking. And he talked about the reason of suffering… and he said exactly the same words San Pedro told me before.

During the session sometimes I opened my eyes and I felt the deep connection with nature and once, looking at the trees, He told me “these trees are tall and strong, but if one of them is somewhere alone, when the strong wind blows, the tree would break. But these trees do not break because they are not alone and when the wind blows, they rest on and support each other. That is why they can survive. And you are a tree like all these, but you have a strong trunk and many people have leaned on you and many more will, because everything is synchronized so that people will contact you and from now on everything it's going to flow and you have to move with that flow”. I understood the first part of what He told me… let´s see what He really meant about the second part.

Then came a moment when He told me of another 3 people, men, who have also tasks to do in this lifetime and He told me that I have to tell them what. One was Sampi, the man with whom I was taking the San Pedro, the other one was the youngest brother of a Peruvian friend of mine (who I only met twice for a couple of hours in Lima) and a German friend of mine. For each one of them was a message of what it is recommended for them to do.

I looked at Sampi, who was playing with the grass some meters far away from me, and I wondered why San Pedro-Jesus told me of these 3 guys “Sampi has his birthday the same month as you”. Somehow I had the feeling he was 12 years older than me, making him be of the same horoscope of the Tibetan calendar as me and my German friend, a horse. “He will be 64 years old”, Jesus told me. Being stoned, I was not good calculating and I thought “yes, that make him to be also a horse, that´s why we have so many similarities in our lives”, but another day, when I was no more stoned and Sampi confirmed me that he will be 64, twenty days after my birthday, still in October, I realised that he is 11 years older than me, not 12, but in any case, he is the age Jesus told me.

While I was busy with his age, still I thought that my friend back in Germany is also of the month of October, and Jesus told me, there is something common between we four and I got the feeling the brother of my Peruvian friend might also be of October.