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An Ayahuasca ceremony with a Shipibo Shaman

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I left the House of Ayahuasca really happy to leave because I felt that "X" and "Z" are deceivers who are in this "business" because they have nothing better to do with their lives, but they don't know what they are doing (or do they?).

In addition, someone already told me about them and rumours about things they do, which confirmed my suspicions that apart from ayahuasca, they use other "things". Because the way "Z" speaks, or rather, babbles, sometimes, as drugged or drunk, is not normal or should not be considered normal for a person who supposedly works in that environment and who he says he helps and cures people. The first one who has to be cured is him, because his bad mood is unpleasant in the mornings when he has not yet taken his dose of who knows what, or as a hangover from what he has taken during the night.

I met Sara at 3 in the afternoon. I guess she needed to rest because she has a small store of indigenous crafts from her Shipibo ethnic group with embroidery and from time to time it is good to get out of there.

We went in the direction of Santo Tomás, a village 1 hour from Iquitos and her house is near that town but not there. She showed me her house and went to rest. At 8 pm we start with the ritual. I don't know why, I thought a ritual is important in these ceremonies, but the truth is, it doesn't matter in the least. Everyone does what they want because what is important is the ayahuasca itself.

Each of us on a mattress on the floor. In the centre between the two, the plastic soda bottle with the ayahuasca (typical thing in this area is to put it in that type of bottles), Florida water, Mapachos (the tobacco here, which is wrapped with paper but does not have a filter) and a couple more of bottles with liquids that I don't remember their names and that she will use to "spit" on me.

She gave me the ayahuasca and I sat on my mattress. It takes about 40 minutes to begin to take effect, but that's what all the shamans say and I can't confirm it because when you're there in half trance, you have no idea of ​​time and don´t care.

When she asked me after 40 minutes if I wanted another dose, I said no because although the effects on me had not yet begun, I felt it was going to happen and indeed after a few minutes it already "kicked" me in.

Completely different from tje aya of "X" and "Z", this time I "saw things" and in this sense I have difficulty explaining it because I meditate a lot and during my meditations I also have such "visions". Different because when I meditate I am the one who asks for information and somehow I can direct what I want to see. With ayahuasca, you can set an intention, but aya does what it pleases.

I have heard of people who see Mother Ayahuasca, or see their deceased parents with whom they speak, or see images of the future, or of past lives ... I had no such visions with aya until now. And when we talk about visions, it's those images that are as vivid as if they really are there. In that sense of quality, I did see shapes and colours moving, all very lively, but also jaguars and snakes, which is typical in making aya.

In my case, despite being a person with a good ability to visualize, with most of them were conversations I had with Mother Ayahuasca, but without seeing her. And during those conversations the visualization was something simple, simply styling a white light or some pastel colour moving slightly, but it is also true that I am not fully aware of what was there because I was always focused on the conversation. And how can I know if she was really Mother Aya or my own thoughts? because a clear voice like when we talked, it wasn't. Of course, in the previous session when I asked myself that after one of those conversations, she told me "you'll find out" ... thanks for the info.

However, I have to say that in the first instance, it feels different, as if someone very wise spoke to you with total truthfulness. Yes, now comes the question that our own superior being is wise and that could be a conversation with my superior being and not with Mother Aya. And there I have to clarify that I firmly believe in non-duality. That means that I am aware that we believe that there is a me and a you, a here and there, in a separation of things, because that is what we have always believed. But that on a final spiritual level, there is no separation with anything and everyone and everything is one. That is why empaths can feel perfectly what the other person is feeling, because we are one. Some call it intuition, but it is not that, it is simply to stop feeling that you are you and get into the skin of the other person, which is really your other self.

And that is why, there is no difference between Mother Ayahuasca and my higher self, in the same way that there is neither between me and my higher self, only that we are trained to believe in a separation. Therefore, in my belief, if it was the ayahuasca who spoke with me or was my superior being, there is no difference and it does not matter, because everything is the same and what matters is the result.

It was different from the other two previous sessions with the gringos, but still it was not a "wow" moment. Sofia sang the icaros in her language and for a while I blew smoke from the mapachos several times, which bothered me because I don't like tobacco smoke and I had the feeling of suffocating. By the time we were going to finish, I spit the liquid from their boats and Florida water and four hours after I started, the ceremony ended. Four hours is what the shamans of this region are given for a ritual and finish it. Afterwards, you can always continue on your mattress and continue the process or try to sleep. But Sofia said I had to go to the room she had given me to stay there alone for as long as I wanted.

Once in the room, maybe the effect lasted half an hour more and then it vanished and I fell asleep.

Now I was travelling to Padre Cocha, an island half an hour by boat from the port of Bellavista. There I go with the intention of resting and reviewing what happened during the sessions, but someone told me a couple of days ago that there are many shamans who do ayahuasca, so I do the same session if I find a suitable shaman.

And so it was, with what I went for my fourth session.

Here you can see a video in YouTube, which I made about this experience.

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