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​​Pyramids in Bosnia


Energy and perception trip in the Bosnian Pyramids
Unique experience in the footsteps of the most exciting (healing?) secrets of mankind

Program Points:

Below we provide an overview of an 8-day trip. The sequence of events is flexible and depends on weather conditions and current affairs.

Pyramid of the Sun:

The archaeological sites of the Pyramid of the Sun show highly interesting aspects which are explained on the spot. Those who want, can make contact with the place and the powerful energies by guided taoistic awareness exercises and quantum communication, just as we offer in all the places that we visit.

Sun pyramid. Bosnia. Maha Metta and Geoviva Spiritual Travel
Top of the sun pyramid. Visoko, Bosnia. Maha Metta and Geoviva Spiritual Travel

Then it goes to the top of this magic mountain on which ruled the Bogomils. From our hotel it is only a short distance to the summit. The view over the valley of the pyramids is exalted and magnificent! Of course it is relevant many of the energy-phenomenon that happen here.Here legends meet from around the world in conjunction with the discoveries of Nikola Tesla. Interconnections that the most would never expect. During this traveling we will repeatedly visit the plateau or the saddle of the Pyramid of the Sun, day and night. In this magical place we have already experienced often wonderful and inexplicable things.

Pyramid of the Moon:

After a moderate hike of about 30-40 minutes we reach our gateway, the plateau of the so-called Pyramid of the Moon. The impressive and memorable excavations are framed by a beautiful piece of nature. Since this area is privately owned, we are very grateful that we have the official permission of the owner to be able to move freely in this area.

Pyramid of the moon. Bosnia. Maha Metta and Geoviva Spiritual Travel


The tumulus (grave mounds) with its impressive archaeological sites is another highlight, which is at first glance inconspicuous, in the center of a hill near Visoko, and also pulses an electromagnetic field with 28kHz. In addition to this phenomenon, there are many interesting aspects that can also be proved by oneself. Everyone will have plenty of time to explore this enigmatic place in his / her own way.

Tumulus in Visoko, Bosnia. Spiritual Travels with Maha Metta and Geoviva

Kamene Balls – the mysterious stone balls:

These stone elements, which are placed in direct
connection with the pyramids, are in a mystical
magical forest, about an hour away from Visoko.

In their shape and characteristics, they are another
unexplained global phenomenon. On a very special
way fascinating and touching

Big Stone Ball in Zavidovici, Bosnia. Spiritual Travels with Maha Metta and Geoviva
Ballstones in Zavidovici in Bosnia. Travel with Maha Metta and Geoviva

Tunnel – Ravne:

With the exception of the arrival and departure day we visit the tunnel every day, thereby significantly at night. This enables us to make an intensive contact with this particular site. Highlights are our crystal bowls and didgeridoo sound experiences in partially complete darkness. An experience that you have never felt before in this form. Be open for the experience to be in this strength-giving environment that your body will love.

Ceramic stones in the tunnels below the pyramids in Bosnia. Spiriitual Travels with Maha Metta and Geoviva
Tunnel under the pyramids in Bosnia. Maha Metta and Geoviva Travels

Excursion to Sarajevo:

Sarajevo is dramatic yet beautiful. This place knows how to connect old and new - the fascinating East and West. We visit a couple of significant, historical and energetic hotspots of this metropolis that for tragic reasons changed the world. This place is for us closely linked to the importance of relics in Visoko.

Sarajevo. Excursion with Maha Metta and Geoviva Travels

Other contents:

Pyramid of Love, the source of the middle, Mile - another energy center of the mystical Bogumiles, the Ravne museum and other places of power in the region.

Getting there

Arrival by airplane:
We pick you up at the official date of starting from the Sarajevo airport and take you on departure day back.

Arriving by car or bus:
Pick up at an arranged meeting place in Visoko.

Day of arrival:
Arrive and feel the pyramid nearby.

In the late afternoon the common greeting takes place, then there is a fascinating presentation with many background and insider information that you can hardly so research, and to prepare for the coming days.

Daily routine:

We start the day with our own developed Torus Qi Gong, and participation is of course voluntary. Then we strengthen ourselves from an ample buffet.
After a briefing, which gives the most important information for the day, we go to the various places. The walks locally are mild to moderate.

Lunch / Dinner:

If we do not eat at our lodge we visit selected restaurants in the region. The selection of dishes is versatile, high-quality and varied, to suit all tastes and diet. This means we can arrange delicious and completely vegetarian and / or vegan menus.
After dinner we visit the Ravne tunnel systems to allow revue the day by meditation / conscious breathing.
And of course, invite to our cozy fireplace lounge, to end the day sociable.


With registration you will receive more useful information about your trip:

Pyramid Energy Travels:

The new dates will be planned in a later stage

We hope we have aroused your interest in a truly unique travel and would be pleased if we can bring you the secrets of the Bosnian pyramids, in a special way, closer. For further questions we are happy to help.

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