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  • May MahaMetta

To learn about Life became my way of life

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

This is my first post and still working on it.

Even though I live in #Germany, my mother tongue is Spanish, so don´t expect me to write in German because I would commit too many grammatical mistakes.

About English, it became my second language as I lived with it for many years when I lived in Asia, specially in India for about 12 years.

And I guess I will publish the same thing in Spanish and in English.

English became the international language most people understand, so I will keep this #language for most of my posts.

I just had to write this one, because I have no idea how to write blogs as this is the very first one I write, but as with everything, learning belongs to my way of being and this is only one of those things I always had curiosity about. It doesn´t mean that I will always write, but let´s see how life takes me in this path.


Zeit ist eine Illusion der physischen Welt, der Ihre mentale Welt größtenteils nicht ausgesetzt ist. Wissenschaftliche Experimente haben gezeigt, dass der Geist den Unterschied zwischen dem Erlebten und der Vorstellung davon nicht kennt.

Die Quantenbeobachtung führt dazu, dass alle möglichen Realitäten zu einer beobachteten Realität zusammenfallen.

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