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Intensive Spanish Course for beginners
   &   Energy work:

Manipulate your brain’s rewards center


With fun methods, your brain’s joy system is triggered constantly and now your brain will begin to connect this positive feedback and joy with language learning.

We put down the books and do other ways of learning a new language.

No matter your reason for learning Spanish, just think of so many countries where it is spoken, and the fact that it is an emotional language with which it´s so easy to express your feelings.


The best way to do this is to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible instead of trying to fight it and beat yourself into submission with discipline and boring textbooks and lessons.

Of course, it is unavoidable that we have to have some minutes a day to go through grammar, not to miss important and very valuable points, but then we will spend half of the day learning Spanish with practice, songs, movies and fun, as well as the art of dancing of salsa and flamenco a couple of nights (attendance is not mandatory).

The other part of the day we will work with our energy taking advantage of the energy of the Pyramids and of the tunnels. Meditation and self-hypnosis will be also tools for remembering what we have learned.

We change our energy, our way of thinking and feeling, and we have the choice to change our lives.


Increase your level of love, enthusiasm, joy, determination, creativity, trust and positive attitudes. Feel good and happy in the face of the most unpleasant moments. Your thoughts and emotions will increase your vibrations and then your physical reality will begin to change.



Each time you feel good, the spiritual energy flows into you. This is what we want here.

Please note that this course is intensive, and we will teach you 5 hours of Spanish lessons and practical exercises every day, plus energy meditations and exercises (Tumulus, Moon Pyramid or the Pyramid of the Sun and three days / nights in the tunnels).

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​​* Accommodation with breakfast and dinner

* Pick up from airport and back the last day

* Transport to the different places

* Whole program

Not included:

Transport to the place

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