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  • May MahaMetta

Are we born spiritual?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

#karmaandreincarnation #spiritualbeings #higherself

Since we are #spiritual beings in physical bodies, that means we are all spiritual. But another theme is, if we want to do something about it or not.

There are many aspects playing a role in our lives. From our cultural environment, to our family education, to our own beliefs, to many other influences.

But we all are born with tendencies coming from other lives. So, several siblings being born in the same family, going to the same school, having even the same friends, each can develop in a very different way and take the same #experiences differently.

And since we choose in which family we want to be reborn even from before our coming here, our family, no matter what, is perfect for us. Maybe we choose one that is supportive in our #spiritualpath, but maybe one that is totally opposing to whatever we want in life. As children, we can't do much against their will, but as we grow up, we can't keep in blaming our families because of whatever reason. We g