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Are we born spiritual?

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Since we are #spiritual beings in physical bodies, that means we are all spiritual. But another theme is, if we want to do something about it or not.

There are many aspects playing a role in our lives. From our cultural environment, to our family education, to our own beliefs, to many other influences.

But we all are born with tendencies coming from other lives. So, several siblings being born in the same family, going to the same school, having even the same friends, each can develop in a very different way and take the same #experiences differently.

And since we choose in which family we want to be reborn even from before our coming here, our family, no matter what, is perfect for us. Maybe we choose one that is supportive in our #spiritualpath, but maybe one that is totally opposing to whatever we want in life. As children, we can't do much against their will, but as we grow up, we can't keep in blaming our families because of whatever reason. We grow up and we are independent. Then we choose what we want in our lives.

Out of the tendencies with which we are born, we deal with our lives in a specific way.

How many people we know in our time as children, who are in the spiritual path? most probably no one or only a couple of them. The spiritual people we know in our lives are from our time as adults, when we can choose our friends.

Some people are born in families that have nothing to do with spirituality or maybe who have a religious belief which is not theirs. Or they grow up with no beliefs and suddenly, one day, something happen. Whether an accident, an illness, a situation, a divorce, the #death of a beloved one... and there is a shift in their belief. Things start changing, and they see life in a different way. They start asking themselves questions about the meaning of life or why this or the other.

Nothing happens for no reason. Things happen for us to develop and grow.

But it doesn´t have to be like this. How many millions of people just live life as it comes? with no questions. They get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, come back in the evening, watch television, play maybe on the computer, on weekends go with friends to drink or with the family to do something outside of the city... every day, every month, every year. No questions. The main thing is to earn enough money to pay for their living and if possible, also to enjoy some things of life.

Yes, they are also spiritual beings, but they decided in this life to not to complicate themselves and no make questions. They decided there are no questions to do. Just, life is like this. As someone said "the ignorants are the happiest". The more we know, we know nothing, the more unhappy we are because the more we want to know.

I grew up in a family with six other siblings. Already as a child I seriously thought they made a mistake at the hospital because I had nothing to do with that family. I was completely #different to the rest. They all loved shouting, beating each other, being aggressive and abusive. As I was not like that, I was the one who was abused. I had to behave like them only to defend myself and I cried and suffered because I didn't want to scream, didn't want to do all the things the others were doing. But I had to.

With my three elder siblings
With my three elder siblings

I used to go to church every day after school to talk with my god. Not the God that they said was living there, but my God, full of love and #compassion. And I used to talk to him also at home, but at home I had His Son, who was of my age, with whom I talked about very deep things of life. He oriented me, he helped me, he saved my life many times as I tried to end my life, and he explained me things that in that time I didn't know, but later I could give "names" like karma and reincarnation.

He even told me of things that will happen in my life. Or few moments later, or next day, or next year, or in my adulthood. And all became to be true.

Who was that #Jesus, that child that came to talk with me and help me? obviously... it was my inner higher self. I didn't know in that time because I really saw him.

Many things happened in my childhood, too long to tell here, which showed the tendencies with which I was born, including my first memory of this life, in an OBE (Out of Body Experience) when I was sick as a baby. We all had the same parents, we went to the same school, we had the same friends. Then, why are we so different?

My three elder siblings are #dependant. My sister always depended on my parents until she got married, and then she depended on my parents and on her husband. She only got divorced of that man who mistreated her when she met somebody else on the internet, and she run away leaving her children behind with her mother.

The other two brothers got into drugs and stealing since children. We were all four in the same group of friends, but I never smoke #hashish even if I was the youngest in the group, because I saw how they used to talk after smoking and I didn't want that in my life. They would steal to our neighbours in that time, but later to their own family members, specially to their mother and to me. I never stole even one cent. I had a very high morals and respect, and never understood why they did that. Later in their lives, now in their late fifties, still they live with their parents and if they work, all their money is for them.

The three younger brothers, they just work, earn a bit more than one thousand euros, and that is enough to live. Yes, they have debts, many, but they don't ask themselves what they can do to get out of their situation.

No #questions. Just live life as it comes. Suffer if it goes wrong and be content if it goes a bit better. But that is the situation for most of the people.

I decided to be born in this family to learn. To learn what? patience, love, forgiveness...

We are all spiritual, but we can decide to not to do anything about it and even call stupid to people who believe in "something else". They think we just want to run away from our situations, and they are right. We, people who want to live our #spirituality, always want to change the situations we live in and look for ways to help others, for ways to improve and grow.

Because when we will die, we will not take with us our possessions, nor our #beloved ones. We might meet them in another dimension, in another reality, but at the end, when we will come back again, we will come back depending on the conditions in which we left.

And so, we will be reborn with tendencies. With which tendencies you want to be #reborn?

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